About the Podcast

Call of Discovery is a podcast about the unique deck game KeyForge, its community, and the excitement of discovery.

Ed launched the podcast in August 2019, focusing on two-part interviews with members of the community. Guests discuss a KeyForge topic meaningful to them and return for a second episode to tell stories about one of their unique decks; with every person and every deck being completely unique, there is no shortage of guests.

Zach joined in January 2020 as a co-host alongside Ed, bringing a background in theater, marketing, and card games to the podcast. Call of Discovery continues with regular interviews alongside topical episodes that Zach and Ed discuss together.

About the Co-Hosts

Ed Pocock

Ed is a handsome British man with a voice most listeners call "the reason they listen." Mysterious to the last, he'll charm you into forgetting that you actually can't tell how old he is and he deftly changes topics when you ask him why there are no mirrors in his house. Ed enjoys discovering KeyForge by remaining reasonably spoiler-free and diving into all the amazing and wacky situations KeyForge has to offer.

Zach Armstrong

Zach lives in Georgia, USA with his wife and cat (two distinct entities). After obtaining degrees in theater and sociology from the College of William and Mary, he found his way to marketing in higher education where he enjoys being a part of a missional organization. Outside of the podcast, Zach spent years playing Android: Netrunner and enjoys organizing the Athens Forgemasters, his local KeyForge community team. His worst-kept secret is "Sweaty Zach," his persona that takes winning at KeyForge very seriously.

You can read Zach's tournament highlights on The Cosmic Crucible, and watch any of his KeyForge commentary on this YouTube playlist.

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